Nature has a profound ability to naturally heal and with its abundance of vitamins and oils ANNOND rejuvenation products will deliver the ultimate skin care solution.

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5 out of 5

Regards Cath - January 2017

Hi Donna, Thankyou for creating such a beautiful range that is affordable and best of all it works,I love that you are an Australian business and local as well.I cannot wait to try more of your great products.

Top Review

4 out of 5

Alison Llyod - October 2016

I have been using Annod products for about 6 months now, they are fantastic. I am totally in love with the Basil & Rosemary cleansing oil, best cleanser I have ever used.Also using Advanced Collagen Boost Leave On Mask ,Lavender face polisher, Throat Oil & Floral Extract , all amazing products.

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Annod Face and Body Care

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Annod was born in my holistic beauty salon and here is ANNOD'S story.
By the age of 17, I was a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and had a full face of active acne as well. You name the treatments and the products and I had had them by my early twenties … my skin was better, but I still needed to apply cover-up from the minute I got out of bed to face my other house mates… and I certainly wouldn’t leave the house without a nice thick coat of foundation covering my face.

I enjoyed my work as a Beauty Therapist for some years, and was quite adept at helping people with their skin problems; the only thing was when I prescribed products, some simply just didn’t do their job.

And so the experimentation began.

I was committed to producing skincare products that worked, and people enjoyed using, because it gave them the results they needed… good healthy skin.

As a teenage girl I was always washing my hair in my dad’s beer, and putting egg whites on my face and having baths with oats floating around – so it seemed inevitable that I was going to end up with a natural skin care company one way or another.

Over time, the product took on a couple of name changes and different logos and packaging, but the integrity of the product has always remained: to provide a skin product that truly works for the skin. The products are made from the perspective of what the skin needs to be. Working as a Beauty Therapist over 30+ years, predominantly the skins I had seen all essentially present with the same problems – they are out of balance. They either needed hydration (water) or fat (oil) and all need a proficient exfoliation to allow ingredients to penetrate. Simplicity!

Annods’ philosophy is to keep products simple. I keep the structure of our products simple and as pure as I can, thus the use of so many beautiful healthy oils in the range. This eliminates the use of heavy waxy creams. Skin becomes brighter and more lustrous, and healthier. Annod products make it easy for skin to glow with good health.

I have had more than 30 years of hands-on experience in the Beauty Industry as a spa owner and educator in the field of Holistic Beauty Therapy. My expertise is skincare and looking after yourself. I have trained in both Europe and Australia and so it is with my absolute passion and commitment to you that I offer you Annod Face & Body Care products to make a difference in the way you look and feel."