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All you need to know about how payments are made and received etc. is in the Terms of Use. And if you are concerned with protection of your personal data, check out our Privacy Policy.

Or you can just know this: we use PayPal.

Oh, and we currently receive payments in USD only. We hope to do better as we grow. We are very grateful for your patience in the meantime. Thank you!

Each shop’s page has its policies on refund or replacement. There is also a CONTACT button on each shop’s page so you can send them feedback or ask them questions regarding your purchase direct.

But if you have any issues with your purchase from any shop on, and in the unlikely event that you cannot resolve those issues with that shop, let us know at We will be happy to help as the platform manager to smooth things out for everyone.

We multi-task here. Since our Chief Ethics Oolala (CEO) used to be a lawyer, we decided to allocate mediation to her long list of job responsibilities too. She might refer you to details of how deliveries work in the Terms of Use. Old habits. But we promise she has learned to communicate in plain English (and Chinese) as well.

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