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Natalie’s Story: Lhami (The Peacock is Frank)


Lhami (pronounced Lah-mee) is a Tibetan word meaning “goddess” or “divine”.

When I first stumbled upon Lhami, I was blown away… reading its product category! Because it is a personal story and journey of Natalie, the woman (or the goddess!) behind Lhami.

Meet Frank. Yes, Natalie lives with a peacock. And wakes up with a wallaby outside her bedroom. Who’s having a teeth-crunching home-envy reaction? For now, I have to just settle for getting some of the good stuff Natalie creates on that magical land surrounded by amazing wild animals on Australia’s beautiful Central Coast.


Make Your Daily Rituals Moments to Savour.

Natalie, Lhami

As we seek a more holistic way of life, from what we eat to what we put on our skin, we start to be more mindful of: Where do things come from? How are they created/manufactured? What are the impact on others (environment, animals, people)?

So knowing that Lhami’s products are not only made with natural, organic ingredients but also in nature (allow me to mention Frank the peacock again, I’m crazy about him already) makes a difference!

Natalie’s “office”…

“I make the majority of Lhami products from scratch on my property on NSW’s beautiful Central Coast.


The view from my workroom is of lush green trees and the distant ocean. Fragrant gardenia, frangipani and murraya waft through on the sea breeza, and our resident peacock Frank is always there, keeping me company. Our property backs onto a huge nature reserve, and we have an amazing array of native birds and creatures who live here. It’s prompted me to become part of the ‘Land for Wildlife’ scheme and actively work to conserve the land,” says Natalie.







lhami-bird lhami-flower









How did Natalie become Lhami?

Since I was a kid I’ve been making floral waters and blending oils and perfumes. I was very inspired by my Grandmothers, who were both passionate about natural health. (My Nanna started one of WA’s first health food stores.) After studying Cultural Studies at University of Denmark, then Colour & Design in Sydney, I started a science degree. I intended to be a naturopath, but found my path in herbal medicine, aromatherapy & skincare. Some intensive training in cosmetic chemistry with the head chemist from one of France’s leading cosmetic companies and Lhami was ready to go.

Indigenous people worked out over thousands of years of trial and error that the earth is what sustains us, and that we have to respect and care for it for our own survival. Somehow this essential wisdom seems to have been pushed aside in the manic consumerism that is driving the world today, where the earth is seen as a resource to be plundered with no concern for the consequences. I don’t want Lhami to be part of that.

We love Lhami’s hydrating serums:
Pomengrante Hydrating Serum
Rose Night Serum








Natalie as mompreneur…

My husband Damian is a primary school teacher. Sam and Gabe are my beautiful kids. Sam is my resident IT support person and willing product tester. Gabe loves to help too. Gabe’s on the autism spectrum, and has had a lifelong obsession with outdoor work and tools. He dons his earmuffs and does all our lawn mowing and whipper snipping, often before school! I spend a LOT of time outside with Gabe – hours every day, working hard.

Having a special needs child can be really challenging, especially when I have a business to run. The school day goes so quickly, and I’m racing the clock to get orders packed and batches bottled before 3pm… once Gabe’s home I’m on duty – he needs no less than my 100% engagement in whatever we are doing. I’ve decided to view this as a gift in

living in the moment and being present.

So many chemicals cause cancer, allergies & dermatitis – from the weed killer in most garages to the paraben preservatives and synthetic fragrances that are in the majority of personal care & household products. I passionately believe that we all need to do our best to avoid these chemicals, and create chemical free homes for the health of our families and the environment.

Natalie’s beautiful skin guide…

  • Keep it simple
  • Eat organic, nutrient dense foods
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water, herb teas and coconut water
  • Use natural products & makeup
  • Find a skincare ritual that works for you – just a few minutes before bed and I promise you’ll see and feel the difference

Bonus beauty tips:

  • For combination, oily and teenage skin types, try alternating between these two cleansers.

Commercial cleansers are often very drying, which causes the skin to overproduce sebum, making breakouts worse. Don’t be tempted not to moisturise because you think it will make your breakouts worse… natural oils do not make your skin oilier, they help the skin find its natural balance. Check out the blemish gel below too to clear pimples and spots fast!

Balancing Cleansing Gel with Pink Grapefruit & Aloe Vera
Foaming Cleanser with Pink Grapefruit & Geranium










  • Natalie’s best selling product for many years, a must have in your daily ritual!Calming-Face-Oil.jpg
  • Treatment Pack for acne prone skin
Exfoliating Powder
French Clay Mask
Blemish Gel


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