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Here are our answers to your WHO-WHAT-WHEN-HOW-WHY. Any other questions you need answered? Send us a message over FB

  1. WHO

    WHO… is behind MINIMAL?

    A: Bunnie is our boss #girlboss. Elaine Siu is our Chief Ethics Oolala (CEO). If you want to know more about Bunnie and Elaine, subscribe to our newsletter – we get very up close and personal.

    A word from our #girlboss.

    “Dear customers, I’m Bunnie the boss at MINIMAL. Well, there’s also Elaine who helps me with the business (some people call her my “owner”, they obviously got the wrong idea.)

    People ask me why did I start MINIMAL. The answer is simple: one day I found out that many bunnies suffer as testing objects for cosmetics; the same day I was also told that I’m a dog named “Bunnie” – that was confusing. Anyhow, I decided to do something and save some bunnies. So I said, ‘Elaine, go fix this.’”

  2. WHAT

    WHAT… does MINIMAL do?

    A: MINIMAL creates a platform for ethical brands and shoppers to meet each other, and yes, we facilitate transactions too.

    You know how highly sensitive people think that nobody in the world really understands them? So do highly ETHICAL people! We are talking about vegans, vegetarians, animal rights activists, eco warriors, clean beauty advocates, wellness practitioners, yogis, zero waste lifers, human rights women rights activists, peacemakers… new names and labels are invented to identify these people every day but essentially, these are just people trying to do the RIGHT THING.

    And bottom line is, our ethics come from the one eternal truth: LOVE.

    MINIMAL does beauty, differently. Our role is really a platform manager. We do our best to vet the brands and products joining our platform to meet what we consider as the minimal (double meaning intended) ethical standards: 100% no animal testing | 100% no animal ingredient | 100% no polluting substances. So conscious consumers can enjoy the best shopping experience knowing that the basics have been covered and they can focus on, just shopping!

  3. WHEN

    WHEN… did MINIMAL begin?

    A: 1 January 2017. We are Capricorn. What define Capricorns? Simplicity and Responsibility.

  4. HOW

    HOW… does MINIMAL deliver what it promises?

    A: We do our own due diligence before we allow a brand to open its shop on our platform. We rely on reputable certification agencies such as Leaping Bunny and Choose Cruelty Free on a brand’s cruelty-free status. But that is just step one. There is also the common sense check (for example, if a brands has a shop in mainland China then obviously it is not cruelty-free). Google, always. And as much as possible we try to talk direct with the brand owners to get a sense of how committed they are, ethically

    We also ask that every seller on our platform sign this Representation Letter to us, for the benefit of the customers. Below is the main sections taken out of the Representation Letter all Sellers need to commit to. “We” means the Seller.


    We are Cruelty Free. None of our products has been tested on animals, except humans. We are neither owned by a parent company nor do we own a subsidiary that is not Cruelty Free. Our beliefs are baked into our business and we do not make excuses. That includes consciously choosing not to engage in any activities that contradict with our ethical standards, for example as long as bulk exporting to China (except Hong Kong and Macau) means that we are required by law to perform animal-based tests, that will not be part of our business. Simple.


    We are either 100% Vegan or 100% vegetarian. In the later case we only offer our Vegan friendly products on


    None of our products contains any of the Dirty Ten. We take responsibilities for the impact our product ingredients have on the environment including animal habitats, aquatic environment, ecosystems and sustainability of natural resources.

    For the purposes of this Representation Letter, the following terms are defined as follows:

    “Cruelty Free” means no animal-based test and/or experiment was used in any way in relation to the Products (including but not limited to, any phase of product development, manufacture, import/export, distribution and selling process) by any related or unrelated person (including but not limited to, the company owning the brand, its laboratories, ingredient suppliers, manufacturer and any third party contractors, agents or regulatory bodies);

    “Dirty Ten” means any form of petroleum and petroleum by-products; palm oil (unless certified sustainable); triclosan; synthetic musks; ; ethanolamines (DEA); butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT); micro beads; oxybenzone; synthetic dye p-phenylenediamine; and phthalates.

    “Vegan” means a product has no animal-derived ingredients or ingredients produced by an animal, including and not limited to milk, honey, beeswax, carmine (crushed up beetle), elastin (derived from cows), allantoin (often from cows) and plankton (if not plant/bacterio genus).

  5. WHY

    WHY… choose cruelty-free, vegan and eco beauty?

    A: Seriously? We can spend days talking about all the good reasons why we should choose a compassionate, MINIMAL impact (again, double meaning intended) way of life.

    We explore the WHY in all our blog posts.

    But there is just one WHY ultimately: LOVE. Yeah, babe.

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