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When you purchase from a shop on, your order is fulfilled by that shop. Each shop’s page has its policies on delivery (where your purchases are coming from, estimated time, what postal service is used etc.) There is also a CONTACT button on each shop’s page so you can send them any special requests or ask them questions regarding your delivery.

Once your purchased goods board the plane (or get on a van, depending on where it is coming from) you will be notified by email.

MINIMAL does not handle deliveries, except when you are buying from the Editor’s Pick shop (which is our own little shop on this platform.) But if you have any issues with your deliveries from any shop on, and in the unlikely event that you cannot resolve those issues with that shop, let us know at We will be happy to help as the platform manager to smooth things out for everyone.

Thank you for your understanding. We know this is far from perfect. We are a tiny startup. We do not have a customer service team to pick up the phone round the clock but we promise to do our best to resolve any issues you have, as quickly and as best as we can. Just talk to us direct.

You will also find more details about delivery in the Terms of Use. And if you are concerned with protection of your personal data, check out our Privacy Policy.

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